Ditch the Dinners and Embrace Escape Rooms for Your Christmas Party

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Ditch the Dinners and Embrace Escape Rooms for Your Christmas Party

Do you dread your work’s Christmas do?

It comes but once a year and the season is upon us but interestingly, according to a 2014 survey that involved 700 people, just under 20% admitted ‘hating’ their work’s festive celebrations. Just because you may not look forward to your work’s Christmas event doesn’t mean to say you’re a Scrooge. Reasons for dreading work Christmas dos cited in responses to the survey included: not approving of the restaurant choice, experiencing pressure to get drunk and having to spend even more time with colleagues respondents already disliked. Christmas party, The Escaporium, Work Christmas do, Christmas, Christmas party, Christmas do

If you do enjoy the company of your co-workers, then why not ditch the traditional dinner meal and drinks in favour of unique escape room game experience? Or, if you like the sound of both ideas, mix the old with the new and go for a meal (problem-solving is always harder on an empty stomach!), play an escape room game and then go for drinks to celebrate your escape (or commiserate your team’s performance!).

With many restaurants and venues now already booked up for company Christmas celebrations there’s never been a better time to book an escape room for your end of year celebration and, if you need extra help convincing your boss, you could always buy them an Escaporium Gift Voucher, you know, just in case they need a hint!

Why Book an Escaporium Room for your Christmas Party?

Memorable – Cracking codes and unravelling riddles promises fun and laughs, while the concept of an escape room is different from traditional office Christmas celebrations, making for a memorable time that will be talked about in the office well into the New Year.

Experience – Regularly hosting Corporate Team Building events, The Escaporium staff are well accustomed to catering for professional groups so you know you and your colleagues/employees will be well looked after.

Escapism – Ironically, though the aim is to escape a themed room using the clues that props in the room provide, immersing yourselves in an interactive and exciting escape room can offer brilliant escapism from the stresses of the outside world – great if your job is usually highly pressured and demanding.

team bonding, team, team work, colleagues, The Escaporium, Work's Christmas do, Christmas, Christmas partyTeam bonding – Good communication skills, listening, and teamwork are needed to succeed in our escape room games (you’ll never solve the mystery if one member of your party keeps an idea or answer to themselves!) so you and your colleagues are bound to grow closer as a result of playing. 

Creative – The ability to think outside the box and be perceptive helps in our escape room games. Tapping into your creative side is a great way to have fun as well as nurturing a skill that would benefit your team at work.

Healthy competition – Both our escape rooms usually hold up to 6 people, so you can compete with the other group of your colleagues to see you can escape the fastest! May the best escapees win!

Great photo opportunities – We always make a point of taking a good quality photo of your group – all sporting props and accessories sharing the same theme of the room you played in of course – and sharing it on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn channels.

To book an escape room game with us visit our online booking page or call us on: 01422 343 830 to discuss your business’ requirements.