Gift Vouchers

The perfect gift for the people who have everything.

Purchasing the ideal gift can be tricky, even for our nearest and dearest. With online shopping, click-and-collect and the ability to browse products on our smartphones while on-the-go many people can buy themselves items that would otherwise have made great gifts. Traditional gifts such as DVDs, books, and CDs being more obsolete thanks to the rise of digital music streaming sites and Kindles also make gift buying a challenge. That’s why it pays to think outside of the box…

Gift Vouchers, The Escaporium, Christmas, The Piece Hall, Halifax

Our gift vouchers make the perfect gift because they offer:

1. A memorable experience.
2. An opportunity to try something new and different.
3. A chance to spend quality time and laugh with friends and family.
4. Great photo opportunities!
5. Escapism from the outside world whilst working as a team to escape a room full of clues to crack and puzzles to solve!

Using the form below, you can personalise your Escaporium Gift Voucher for your loved one by adding a special message, making it a perfect present for Christmas, a birthday, a day-out or a unique celebration to say ‘Thank-You’ or ‘Congratulations’.

Varying pricing options are available, with vouchers being available to buy as a value from as little as £10, which will give the recipient money off when booking a game or you can buy a voucher as an entire game for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 players.

All our Gift Vouchers can be used on any of our Escape Rooms and are valid for three years.

Make someone smile with Escaporium Gift Vouchers today!