How to You Solve a Problem Like BIDMAS?


How to You Solve a Problem Like BIDMAS?

Are you familiar with BIDMAS? Perhaps your children are? Are your parents? In case you’re not and you’re wondering whether BIDMAS is a person, concept or foreign festival let us give you some context: Many of the escape rooms our Directors, Angela and Mark, have tried across the UK and in Europe use props and […]

Ditch the Dinners and Embrace Escape Rooms for Your Christmas Party

Do you dread your work’s Christmas do? It comes but once a year and the season is upon us but interestingly, according to a 2014 survey that involved 700 people, just under 20% admitted ‘hating’ their work’s festive celebrations. Just because you may not look forward to your work’s Christmas event doesn’t mean to say […]

Halifax’s first Escape Room is nearly ready!

Welcome to The Escape Room Emporium Blog. We’re frantically and skillfully creating Halifax’s first Escape Room. For notification of our opening date please subscribe to our Newsletter sign up…