Area 51.5

Well known alien hunter and conspiracy theorist, Professor Ross Well lives at 51½ George Street.  After years spent collecting, and hunting evidence of extra-terrestrial life, he got his lucky break and came across a crash site up on the moors, complete with a live alien!  He brought the alien back to his house with the intention of keeping him, but the mothership has tracked their friend down and arrived to collect him!

You begin your mission outside Professor Ross Well’s house – what you will find in there is anyone’s guess! But what you do know is that you only have one hour to return the alien back to the mothership, or our planet will be destroyed!

Your excellent investigative observation skills will be put to the test in Area 51½!

This room also includes the brief use of fog machines and strobe lights – please contact us beforehand if this would cause a problem, as we can disable them for your game.

Area 51½ is recommended for a group of 4+, but is still achievable with less players.

Maximum team size is 6 players.

Please note: There must be at least one adult (18+) as a paid team member for groups of children under 16

Game Location- Berwick St Mills, Halifax

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